Factory Gallery

Ahram company for general trading is one of the most prominent projects for producing natural spring water in Iraq. Our company was established in in 2001 in Dohuk governorate, Zakho district by saying that the water is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we produced the Life natural spring water which is now considered a household name not only in the Kurdistan Region, but in all over the Iraq.


The resources of Life is from the White mountain which in located in Ibrahim Khaleel city, Zakho district. The water coming out of the White mountain and goes directly from its fresh source to be stored in tanks without compromising its properties, which are rich in many important health elements and minerals beneficial to the body.


We also produce a stunning energy drink , called Big Bull, which is prepared specially for periods of fatigue, physical and mental activity renews and strengths the ability to focus and speed of reaction and give you a taste of recovery altaoren an caffeine. Additionally, we produce mineral beverages called Class.